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 Treatment for Repetitive Motion Disorder With Chiropractic Care

A repetitive motion disorder is due to excessive amounts of stress or strain that has been placed on an area of the body resulting in muscle strain, tissue damage, swelling, and pain. These types of disorders are typically due to an overuse type injury. They can include injuries from activities of daily living, sports injuries, or even work injuries. These kind of injuries are common for individuals whose job requires repetitive motion or playing certain musical instruments at high intensity.

Manual chiropractic care can be a way to manage repetitive motion disorders by relieving some swelling and pain that occurs in the soft tissues. Chiropractic care can provide patient's with a safe, non-invasive alternative to prescription/over the counter pain medications. Chiropractors can utilize adjustments to reduce joint restrictions or alignments within the spine or other joint areas in the body. Once the body  alignment is improved, this often times will reduce inflammation and improve function in the particular affected joint area. Typically chiropractic care can provide patients with improved range of motion, flexibility, decreased pain/discomfort, as well as decreased inflammation.

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Dr. Timothy Zakrajsek and Dr. Gayle Garness are chiropractors serving patients in the Duluth, Kenwood, Woodland, Duluth Heights, and Lakeside neighborhoods. The Kenwood Chiropractic team is dedicated to making sure that all patients get the care and attention that you deserve. Chiropractic care is also extremely beneficial for overall wellness, and many patients have chiropractic adjustments as part of their preventive care plan. Kenwood Chiropractic even offers nutritional counseling for Duluth MN patients who want to achieve the optimal level of good health.

To see if chiropractic care is right for your condition, contact the chiropractors at Kenwood Chiropractic in Duluth, MN  kenwoodchiro.com or Call 218-724-6008.